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why isn’t there any a checkmate study session fanfic it doesn’t even have to be romantic, just stupid comedy THERE SHOULD BE ONE.


Magi Week Day 2: Bonds

I was planning on sitting this one out but then the newest SnB came out and ruined my afternoon. I hate knowing what will happen because that makes it all the more heart-breaking ;-; 

i need alikou beach scene preferible at night so the moonlight iluminates kougyoku’s beautiful face

Magi Week Day 1: Tears

I had this bittersweet thought that the first time Morgiana goes back to the Dark continent she takes Aladdin and Alibaba there but there is literally nothing there just land and the big burning sun and Aladdin and Alibaba stare at each other uneasily because Mor is probably sad and she has her back turning to them and not doing anyhing. A few minutes pass by and Alibaba is about to talk to mor when she suddenly starts doing the same dance she did in Sindria and she has this huge smile on her face and her eyes are shining because even though there is no other fanalis there she is finally home and she has all these fluttering feelings of belonging there she just can’t hold herself and Alibaba and Aladdin smile with relief and after looking at her dancing they decide to join her. And after that she can finally move on her life freely.